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  1. Perguntas sobre Wondershare Drive

    How to know whether account membership has expired?

    Click the personal center in the upper right corner of InClowdz Drive to view the current member status, or you can click the InClowdz Drive icon in Filmora to view the current member status.

    What kind of plans are available?

    InClowdz Drive provides three membership plans: gold、platinum、diamond. For the plan details, please go to: https://drive.wondershare.com/store/web-inclowdzdrive.html

    How to expand capacity, what to do if space is not enough

    You can increase the usage space by upgrading the membership. For the plan details, please go to:


    How to calculate the price after upgrading the package / questions about making up the difference

    Membership upgrades have discounted prices and make up the difference. For specific discount details, please go to purchase page.

    Will the files stored be lost after the membership service expires?

    After the membership expire, the files will be kept for 60 days. If the subscription is not renewed or upgraded within 60 days, InClowdz Drive will delete the data to within 1G according to the storage time of the files.

    After the membership service expires, can I still download files?

    You can still download within 60 days after the membership expires, but the download speed will be reduced to 200kb/s.

    Can all Wondershare products directly transfer files to InClowdz Drive?

    Members of Filmora and DemoCreator can directly activate the basic membership of InClowdz Drive after agreeing to the authorization. We will provide InClowdz Drive basic membership benefits to more Wondershare members, stay tuned!

    How to share files?

    You can share files in Filmora and DemoCreator, and the share records will be automatically synchronized to the "My Shares" directory of InClowdz Drive. In the "My Shares" directory, you can view the detailed information, copy the share link or cancel the share.

    Share Video Restrictions Instructions.

    According to the InClowdz Drive membership plans description, the videos shared by basic plan can have  20 downloads and 20 views; the videos shared by standard plan can have 30 downloads and 30 views; the videos shared by advanced plan can have 40 times Downloads and 40 plays.

    How to report illegal sharing content and how to deal with it?

    You can click the report button on the sharing page to report the shared file. We will review the reported content. Once any illegal content is found, we will take it down.

    What should I do if the shared file is invalid?

    If the shared file is deleted or the sharing link expires, the shared file will become invalid. You can contact the sharer to re-share the file or extend the sharing time.

    What should I do if the shared file cannot be downloaded?

    Shared files cannot be downloaded after the number of downloads reaches the limit. If you need to download, please contact the sharer to re-share or upgrade the membership plan.

    What should I do if the shared file cannot be played?

    The shared file cannot be played after the number of playbacks reaches the limit. If you want to watch it, you can download the video or contact the sharer to re-share or upgrade the membership plan.

    After the membership service expires, is the shared file still valid?

    After the membership expires, if the files are still in validity period you set, the shared files will still be valid, but the sharing rights will be synchronized with your current user rights.

    The reasons and solutions for the downloaded torrent files cannot be opened.


    1、The torrent file that has been downloaded to the local cannot be opened if the sharing link has expired.

    2、The shared file has been deleted by the sharer.


    1、Contact the sharer to extend the validity period or restore the shared file.

    2、After the download is completed, immediately double-click the downloaded torrent file and use filmora to download the physical file to the local.

    About the problem of inconsistent file size after uploading Filmora project files.

    To ensure the security and reliability of project file storage while providing fast file upload speed, the project file you saved may have a slightly larger file size after uploading it to InClowdz Drive if your Filmora version is before Filmora V11.

    How to know where a file was downloaded?

    The download path of InClowdz Drive is consistent with computer browser. Please find the file download path according to the browser path.

    How to increase file download speed?

    If you are using basic plan of InClowdz Drive, you can increase your download speed by upgrading membership plan. It should be noted that your real-time network speed and computer system configuration will also affect the download speed of your files.

    How to Pause/Cancel Downloads

    The web version of InClowdz Drive uses the downloader that comes with your browser.You can manage the downloading files in the browser download list.

    Will the cloud disk freeze if the basic member does not use the cloud disk for a long time?

    No, it won't. Basic member users have 1G storage space for free. (InClowdz Drive reserves the final interpretation)

    How is the Recycle Bin used?

    The files you delete under "My Folder" will be moved to the recycle bin. The files in the recycle bin have a retention period of 30 days. After 30 days, the files in the recycle bin will be permanently cleaned up.

    How to use the Favorites function?

    In the "My Cloud Disk" directory, you can bookmark the existing files. After the files are marked as favorites, they will be automatically synchronized to the "My Favorites" .You can view the files marked as favorite in the "My Favorites" directory. 

    Will InClowdz Drive monitor or actively delete cloud disk files?

    InClowdz Drive operates in strict accordance with the laws of your location, never monitors the privacy of your cloud disk, and will not actively delete files. However, if the cloud disk space is excessive due to the expiration of membership, and you fail to renew within 60 days, the system will delete the cloud disk data within 1G according to the storage time.

    What video formats does InClowdz Drive support?

    Currently we support playing videos in the following formats:


    It shows that InClowdz Drive is not supported in my region.

    Due to policy and technical reasons, InClowdz Drive may not be available in some areas. We are very sorry for this.